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  • Standard Coil Trailers Size ranges: 90mm, 125mm, 180mm c/w Pipe End Clamps, Re-Rounding Clamps, Ratchet Straps.
  • SEB 3 Tonne Cable Winch The SEB FW3000 cable winch is an extremely robust piece of cable pulling plant, designed specifically to cope with light/medium cable pulls, which are still the main stay in today’s economic environment. The cable winch is designed to be simplistic in operation, and thus you will find the winch is also straightforward to maintain and service.
  • Grundowinch “Hands free” operation is a hallmark of all GrundoWinches. Just set the required tonnage and line speed and let GrundoWinch take the strain. Any cable slack is immediately sensed and quickly taken up - AUTOMATICALLY GrundoWinches are designed and built with both user and plant manager in mind. Fully automatic and easy to use, reliable and simple to maintain.
    • Up to 5 tonne
  • Impact Moles 45mm c/w Oiler and Hose 75mm c/w Oiler and Hose 90mm c/w Oiler and Hose Starting Platform Aiming Staff Towing Accessories
    • Robust, reliable soil impact moles for trenchless installation of cable and PE pipe
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