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  • Foam pigs Foam are used for drying, cleaning, batching, and product removal operations.

  • These consist of two circular wire brushes mounted on a central shaft with a towing eye located at each end. They are designed to be pulled through a metal pipe to remove loose deposits and dust prior to insertion of PE pipe. They can also be used after the Pipe Scraper to remove the deposits loosened by the scrapers.

  • Pipe Scrapers, also known as ‘Christmas Tree Scrapers’, are made up of a number of spring steel scrapers mounted on a central shaft. The central shaft is fitted with a towing eye at each end to allow the scraper to be pulled back if necessary.

  • Pull throughs consist of two thick rubber discs mounted on a central shaft with a towing eye at each end. They are suitable for use with all pipe materials.

  • Also known as ‘weak links’, the Breakaway Connectors prevent the stretching or breaking of pipes and cables which can result from excessive pulling loads.

  • Towing Socks, also known as ‘Chinese Fingers’, can be used for any application that requires a pulling load to be applied to a cable, pipe, tube or similar object. These can be used above or below ground, their most common use being for the installation of cables.

  • This has been designed as a cost effective solution to the problem of obtaining a strong and reliable pulling attachment onto larger (400mm+) PE pipes of any wall thickness (SDR). It’s suitable for Directional Drilling and Slip Lining applications as well as a method of pulling PE pipes during direct burial installations. MCA-Fusion Hire and Repair also supply a full range of PE towing heads.

  • Heavy Duty Swivels - A robust design to withstand the rigours of Directional Drilling. Suitable for prolonged use in the presence of high pressure drilling fluids.

    Line Swivels - A less complex swivel for limited rotational applications. Used during winching applications to avoid twisting of winch wires.

  • Service Carrots are used for pulling plastic pipe or sub duct. Each carrot has a tapered threaded body to allow it to be used on a range of internal pipe diameters.

  • Designed specifically for directional drilling to prevent the ingress of drilling fluid into the pipe. Available in the size range 32mm up to 500mm.

  • Used during installation of pipes that need to be pressure tested, or the installation of pre-chlorinated pipes. Available in the size range 25mm up to 500mm.

  • For general pipe pulling operations such as slip lining and uncoiling. Available in the size range 20mm up to 630mm and for multi SDRs.

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