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  • Test Ends provide a simple & fully re-usable method of pressure testing plastic pipe. Single sized Test Ends are available in the size range 40mm - 500mm and are suitable for up to 16 bar.

  • Manual and Electric test pumps for hydrostatically testing pipelines through a ½” BSP hose connection, 12 litre tank producing 60 Bar/840 psi maximum pressure.

  • Pipe Stoppers, also known as Drain Plugs, are used to temporarily seal the end of an open pipe, duct or drain during pipe laying operations. Whilst not generally designed for pressure testing, they can be used for low pressure and pipe soundness tests if properly supported.

  • Gauges of various size, specification, pressure range and entry position can be supplied from stock.

  • For purging gas pipelines by connecting to meter control valves, threaded outlets or riser pipes, in line with British Gas Codes of Practice Engineering Standard BGC/PS/DIS5.6. Made to order in 3/4”, 1” & 2” configurations. Flame traps can be supplied with purge hose or separately.

  • Mains test cowhorns for pressure testing gas pipelines in line with British Gas Codes of Practice Engineering Standard BGC/PS/DIS5.5. Colour-coded for ease of identification (low, medium & high pressure). All attach to the common base.

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