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  • Kingfisher KI6170 Fibre Tester Identify mid-span live fiber traffic, a test tone, power, or as a route tracer. Use to double-check for possible active fiber status.
  • Kingfisher KI6358 Fibre Tester Fiber Visual fault locators (VFL) are used for installation, fault finding, continuity checking, polarity checking, verifying a signal path, and identifying a fiber. For single mode, multimode and plastic fibers. This is a low price 1mW fiber laser.
  • Shinewatech VLS Fibre Tester Visual fault locating tools for detecting and highlighting breaks, tight bends, splices or defective connectors on optic fibers. They are ideal complementary and handy tools to OTDR for their visualized detecting method in close range like OTDR deadzone and high-fiber-count environment.
  • Shinewatch sls 15a Fibre Tester OPM-15/25 series Optical Power Meter paired with ShinewayTech SLS series Stabilized Laser Source can meet general test requirements of fiber identification, attenuation/loss measurements, continuity verification and transmission quality evaluation on singlemode and multimode fibers in LAN/WAN/CATV infrastructure. OPM-15/25 is ideal for both lab and field applications offering high quality, high stability and competitive low costs.
  • AFL – FS200-304 Fibre Tester 1310/1550/1650 PON OTDR version for in-service PON troubleshooting, as well as out-of-service PON or point-to-point network installation verification or troubleshooting
  • AFL – FS200-100 Fibre Tester 1310/1550 version for more complete point-to-point network installation verification, as well as troubleshooting. By testing at both wavelengths, FlexScan can differentiate poor splices from macro-bends, as well as qualify the network for operation in both 1310 and 1550 nm window.
  • Exfo 715b Fibre tester The MaxTester 700B series is the first tablet-inspired OTDR line that is handy, lightweight and rugged enough for any outside plant environment. With a 7-inch, outdoor-enhanced touchscreen – the most efficient handheld display in the industry – it delivers an unprecedented user experience. Its intuitive Windows-like GUI ensures a fast learning curve. Plus, its new and improved OTDR 2.0 environment offers icon-based functions, instant boot-up, automatic macrobend finders as well as improved auto and real-time modes.
  • Fujikura 12s Splicer The Fujikura 12S fusion splicer is the smallest, lightest, and most portable splicer in the world. The ruggedized chassis features shock, dust and moisture protection while the two camera observation system provides for accurate fiber alignment and loss estimation calculations.
  • Fittel s178a Splicer The FITEL S178 Hand-Held CoreAlignment Fusion Splicer is the latest, state-of-the art addition to the S17X series of splicers. By combining speed, precision, durability and portability in one unit, the S178 Fusion Splicer ushers in an entirely new range of applications for core alignment splicing.
  • Fujikura 70s Splicer The Fujikura 70S+ is the world’s fastest and most robust core alignment fusion splicer. Incorporating the proven ruggedized features pioneered by Fujikura, the 70S+ has added automated and enhanced user control features to increase splicing efficiency. A user programmable, automated wind protector expedites the splicing process by automatically closing to initiate the splice process, and opening upon splice completion. Fully programmable “auto open sheath clamps” open one or both sheath clamps, after the tensile test, to prepare the fiber for removal. A new automated “clamshell design” tube heater applies heat to both sides of the splice protection sleeve resulting in a 13-second shrink time. The result is a total splice process time of approximately 21 seconds! Ruggedness and durability are greatly enhanced by a mirror-less optical system and “severe-impact resistant” monitor. Battery capacity is now 200 splices/ shrinks.
  • Duct Rod Pusher The Portable Duct Rod Pusher is designed to assist with rodding operations and makes placing pulling lines or fibre cables into old or occupied conduits that much easier—even with fewer personnel.
  • Mini Cable Fleeter The Mini Cable Fleeting device has been developed to enable longer lengths of fibre optical cable to be laid from a single drum. Employed when the cable needs to be removed from the cable drum, in preperation for blowing the second section.
  • 10 Bar Electric Compressor The 8A is a quiet running, electrically driven rotary vane compressor units. That produces 100 l/min of pulse free treated compressed air at a working pressure of 10 bar. Together with their portability this makes them the ideal source of air for internal building optical fibre installations.
  • 10 Bar Petrol Compressor A compact 10 Bar compressor specifically for use with the CBS C-1800 Accelair2 Blown Fibre Unit. The compressor is fitted with aftercooling, filtration and air drying essential in providing the optimum viscous drag effect for maximum fibre blowing length.
  • 15 Bar Petrol Compressor Versatile, reliable and easy to transport. With their high-quality motors and extremely impact-resistant PE enclosures. Ideal for trenchless laying of fibre optic cables. A separate support frame for cool and technically oil-free compressed air is available for special compressed air quality requirements.
  • GS150 Fibre Unit Blower The GS 150 is a unique device for installing fiber optic cable directly into conduit. The GS 150 is comprised of an air block, drive wheels and integrated controls. Please note this machine does not have buckle detection.
  • Accelair 2 Fibre Unit Blower The Accelair 2 has been developed to provide a simple to use and reliable fibre blowing solution. It is designed to install a fibre range from 1mm to 3mm diameter into tube sizes of 3-10mm. With buckle detection up to 1.6mm diameter fibres.
  • Airstream The C-1700 AirStream cable blowing machine has been designed to maximise protection for micro cables with a compliant double drive concept, backed by the latest technology in servo controls to provide precise control of torque and speed.
  • Jetstream Cable Blower The C-1900 has been designed to provide maximum cable protection, combined with the performance and reliability of hydraulic drive. The profiled double drive belt system is driven by single 32cc hydraulic motor, powered by the proven C-1203-F power pack.
  • Tornado Cable Blower The cable blowing machine, comprising an air box and cable pusher, has been designed to provide an effective and safe method of fibre optic cable installation. Powered by the proven C-1203-F power pack.
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